Starts on-demand tax calculation for specific account referenced by externalId.
The system will return trackingId you can use to check the calculation status.

This endpoint initiates tax calculation for a single customer's account. When the calculation process is completed, the Taxtris platform will perform a POST request to the provided webHookURI which must be reachable by Taxtris services. Depending on the customer's country, the required data for precise tax calculation can vary.

So, this endpoint can return two different responses:

  • First case - 200 is when all the required data is provided, either in this current API request or through Customer Data Capture, and tax calculation has been successfully started. The response in this case will contain trackingId which will be used for checking calculation progress and accessing generated the report.

  • Second case - 202 is when some of the customer's data is missing, and the response will contain the list of all missing data with available options that can be submitted either through Customer Data Capture web form, or sent directly through Customer Data Capture API using URI received in this response.

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