Collecting customers missing information

How to provide data required for tax calculation

Sometimes you don't have all of the information for each customer that is required to make a tax calculation.
This information is not required in KYC or you don't have a need for this information to make GDPR life easier.

That's why we made it easy for your customers to provide the missing information.
You can use our API or fully skinnable Data Capture portal.

Providing missing information

Providing missing information can be done in two ways:

  1. Redirect to the Taxtris Data Capture page
  2. Provide missing information through the API

Taxtris Data Capture page

Redirecting the customer to Taxtris Data Capture enables the customer to quickly access a list of missing information that is required to perform a precise tax calculation.

Data capture API endpoint

The exchange can decide to implement its own UI for handling the collection of missing customer information.
This information is a specific set of data that the customer has to manually provide to Taxtris in order to complete a tax calculation for a specific country and tax rule set.

Through this API endpoint, you can submit customer missing information based on the country of each customer, such as Personal Info, Address Info, and assets.

A list of missing properties is returned in Init call when you request a tax calculation or you can fetch them manually with Get Required Country Properties API call.

Connecting additional sources of crypto assets through Data Capture Page


Connecting an additional exchange and private wallet

Currently this functionality can be performed by the end customer through Data Capture Page, by redirecting the customer to the Taxtris service.

Adding additional exchanges

The customer has the option to connect additional exchanges to make the tax report more comprehensive.
This can easily be done in our Data Capture portal.

Connecting a private wallet

The customer has the option to connect their private wallets where the customer holds/trades additional crypto assets.


Automatic tax calculation trigger

A new tax calculation is triggered each time a new crypto source is connected.


Connecting multiple crypto asset sources

Connecting all of the crypto sources will enable Taxtris and the customer to have a full picture of the total customer portfolio and enable Taxtris to generate the full, most precise, tax report.

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