Receiving updates [Optional]

Optional. Knowing when the tax calculations is done.

Tax calculations are asynchronous processes and are started by the customer in Customer Tax Center.
In order to get notified when the tax calculation is complete you can use a webhook where Taxtris will send updates for running calculations.
Taxtris will make a POST request to the URI provided by the exchange in webHookURI field.

Webhook request body

Parameters are sent as JSON body and contain information about the customer and the status of the running tax. calculation

The params supplied to the webHookURI:

  • externalId - ID of the Customer, provided by CEX
  • trackingId - Taxtris ID of the running/run tax calculation
  • status - Status of the Taxtris tax calculation

Example body request:


Global webhook partner config

The webhookURI property is set in the partner config section, as part of the CEX partner account initialisation process.

You will receive updates for all tax calculations that the Customer runs in Customer Tax Center. Taxtris will use your default webHookURI property and notify you when the new calculation is finished.