Flow 2: Push method

Exchange pushes the existing customer transactions to Taxtris

In this flow, you provide Taxtris with:

  • customer personal info
  • pushing the transactions to Taxtris

Initialising the customer

Initializing the customer is done by Init customers account

This will create a customer in our system. You can initialize customers one by one or use batch initialization to create multiple customers at once.

Init reply

If some of the required information, for starting the first tax calculation, is missing in your system you can forward your customers to our data capture portal to fill it in.
Details about the missing information, as well as the link where they can input it, are returned in the response.

Push transactions to Taxtris

Once the customer is initialized in Taxtris, you can start pushing the transactions to our system.
Use Add transactions endpoint and start sending the batch of transactions.

Once all of the transactions are sent you can start generating the first tax report.

Generating the first report

After the previous steps are done you can call Taxtris API to fetch the latest tax calculation or make a calculation request.

Both endpoints will return the data in JSON and provide you with a link to a downloadable PDF report