Getting Started with Taxtris

This guides will help you understand the key concepts in using the Taxtris API and tax calculations for your customers

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Getting Started

You can use Taxtris API in two different ways.

  1. Quick integration with skinnable Customer Tax Centar
  2. Full integration with API only

Providing transaction data

In order to calculate tax reports for your customers we need transactional data.
Data can be pulled from your API or you can push them to Taxtris API.

See more details in our next section, Usage Flows

Scope of documentation

On-demand tax calculation

This endpoint initiates tax calculation for a single customer's account.

Check the status of a tax calculation

Check the status of running tax calculations for each customer.

Subscribe for ongoing-scheduled tax calculations

You can subscribe customers to continuous tax calculations. We will monitor the activity on all customer assets and update the tax obligations as transactions happen.

Getting notified when the tax calculation is complete

Check our webHookURI - callback to receive information when things get updated.

Tax reports

Learn more about fetching generated PDFs reports tax report for each customer.

Providing missing information

Through this API endpoint, you can submit missing customer information required for tax calculations.
Information depends on the country and includes items such as Personal Info, working city, tax bracket, etc.

Collecting missing information from the customer

What’s Next

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